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We specialize in triple scented candles and unique handmade scented candles that you will not find anywhere else. Not only are our candles unique, but they are made out of the finest materials. Relieve your stresses with the finest candles available at Scented Candles by Cathy. We guarantee that you will fall in love with these richly scented candles and if you don’t, we have a Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked. Learn more about these exceptional scented candles now!


Why does everyone shop at Scented Candles by Cathy?  Because they know that we offer the finest candle products.  Every candle we offer is made from premium grade fragrance oils so that every candle has the strongest scent that will last until every bit of the candle has burned.  Our unique selection of richly scented handmade candles are made with highly refined paraffin wax and blended with beeswax so that every candle smells stronger and burns longer.  Non lead wicks are also used for safe burning.


What Does Scented Candles by Cathy Offer?


You can purchase a wide variety of candles at Scented Candles by Cathy that come in various hues and scents.  Some of the types of candle categories we offer include the following:



Some unique scents that you will find include mulberry and vanilla, sunflower, strawberry kiwi, chocolate raspberry, patchouli, eucalyptus and tropical fruit.  We love to make you feel happy and stress free.  Our candles are our means to provide you with an excellent candlelit experience.  Browse through our selection of candles to find the ones right for you.


Why Buy From Scented Candles by Cathy?


There are dozens of reasons to purchase our unique triple scented handmade candles but here is a quick rundown of why to buy scented candles from us:


·         We offer a unique and wide selection of unique triple scented candles and scents.

·         We offer our customers the highest quality candle products at excellent discount prices.

·         We offer candle decorating ideas and articles to answer all of your candle lover needs.  Visit our Candle Display page for candle decorating ideas!

·         We offer our clients various services such as a Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked, fast shipping and an excellent Customer Service Department.


Browse through our selection, today.  If you have any questions or comments, we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.  We are always adding new products, photos and articles to our site so please come by to see what’s new this week.  Thank you for choosing Scented Candles by Cathy and let us know what we can do for your Candle loving needs!