Kids Crafts With Votive Candles

Kids love to keep busy with a variety of activities.  Share this love of creativity with your children by creating kids crafts with votive candles.  If you cannot think of any of your own types of candle creations to make, you have come to the right place.  Here we will run through a few of the best and safest crafts to make with your children.  These crafts are fun and safe so let your child explore his or her creativity through this venue.  You can even go back to your childish roots by making a project of your own with your child.

Votive Candle Holders

Scented votive candles are perfect to use in kids crafts because they are small and inexpensive.  Since the candle is small the project can also be smaller than a project using a pillar candle for example.  Votive candle holders are one of the best kids crafts with votive candles because you can use all of the extraneous craft materials that are left over from other projects to use to make a votive candle holder.

The actual holder itself can be a baby food container, a can of tuna or even a soup can.  Peel off the labels of the container you use and make sure to wash and rinse the container thoroughly.  Once the container dries out, you are ready to make your votive candle holder.  If you have some tissue paper you can use glue to attach it to the outside of the container.  You can then paint over the tissue texture, sprinkle on glitter or decorate the container with stickers or a combination of all three techniques.  Let the container dry and place your votive candle inside.  Use them to light your table at dinner so that the whole family sees the project and so that your child feels good about making the project.

Teacup Votive Candle Holders

Do not through away your teacups when you can convert them into a really cool candle holder with your children.  With this candle holder kids crafts with votive candles you can draw a design onto the tea cup and then color it in with acrylic paint.  Once the paint has dried, fill up the tea cup with water and place a floating votive candle inside.

Economic Facts of Kids Projects

There are many projects that you can create with your child.  However, not all of these kid’s crafts are cheap to create.  Votive candle projects are extremely cheap since you can use left over materials or items that you can recycle into a votive candle project.  Votive candles themselves cost very little.  Plus, you can make very elegant candle holders for your home without costing you an arm and a leg.  The quality time that you spend with your child will be irreplaceable and you will have a beautiful gift to always remember this moment.  Let your creative side shine through by coming up with more great kids crafts with votive candles.